Gaurav Madan Assomull – Director / Co- Founder

Mr Gaurav Assomull is the co-founder of Intergen Energy Limited. Currently working as head of communications and business development.

Intergen Energy is an Infrastructure company focusing within water treatment, sewage treatment and road construction in India- primarily focused on government contracts.

Prior to Intergen Energy Mr. Gaurav Assomull founded India’s Marigold Group, a well-known luxury purveyor, marketer and distributor of various international luxury brands in India. Formed in 2006- MarigoldGroup was grown from one outlet and a single brand to seven brands with presence throughout multiple cities in India.

Prior to the Marigold Group, he was the CEO of oil exporter Magnum Petroleum in Nigeria, having gained experience working at Glencore Pvt Ltd.

Yasmin Valibhoy

Yasmin Valibhoy was born , brought up and educated in Singapore. A 3rd generation Singaporean, Yasmin Valibhoy hails from an business family in Singapore which is recognised as one of the original Pioneers of Singapore.

Yasmin Valibhoy was actively involved in the running of her family business right up till her marriage. The businesses spanned from real estate including Rubber estates, shipping lines, spice trading and other International trading.

After her marriage to her businessman husband, she resided in various countries spanning from Dubai, the UK, Africa and India.

Presently residing in India and is engaged in consultancy services.